Services : Telecom

Our projects include activities such as:
  • Systems Review, Recommendations, and Service:
    • Switch, router, and phone - Nortel, etc.
    • Local loop, dedicated DIDs, etc.
    • LAN, Intranet, VPN, etc.
    • WAN, frame relay, leased lines, etc.
    • Distributed applications, databases, etc.
    • Internet access options, e-mail, bundled circuits, etc.
    • Security, firewall, encryption, etc.
    • Disaster plan, data recovery, backups, etc.
  • Virtual CIO Services - interim duties to support a major program implementation, acquisition, etc.
  • Management of resources (people and materials) to task and budget
  • Training and change management as needed
  • Ongoing monitoring, support, and continued recommendations

Business-Strategy Focused

Business-strategy focused projects have the highest return on investment and more comprehensively solve business objectives.   Technology supports the need not creates it.

A Committed Relationship

By committing to an ongoing relationship of monitoring and recommendations, we are able to define a predictable project.   Good ideas are proactively assigned to our ongoing improvement process rather than narrowly focusing only on the project at hand.   Our commitment is to the success of your business.

The Strongest Team Possible

CTA's managers and consultants are hands-on experts in technology.   We haven't just read about it, we've done it or we have a firm relationship with someone who has.