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Our complete web services include:
  • Identify your web site goals (sell products, disseminate information, etc.)
  • Determine your target audience (consumers, wholesalers, etc.)
  • Translate needs and goals into requirements
  • Create an approach and design
  • Develop, edit, and review the pages
  • Integrate applications (e-commerce, payment solutions, etc.)
  • Deploy the web site and assist with search engine keyword selection, optimization, and make other promotional suggestions
  • Host the web site with domain name (company identity) e-mail accounts
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CTA Web Site Hosting includes these services and more:

Webmail:   Our webmail interface enables you to retrieve your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet.   Check out the new features: shared calendars, weather report, and server-side mail filters.

E-mail Administration:   Our secure, easy-to-use e-mail administration application enables you to add/change/delete e-mail accounts, reset passwords, forward notes to another account, and more.

Web Site Usage Statistics:   Detailed usage reports can be viewed with a standard browser.   Data is updated nightly.   The main page of the report is only a summary.   Click on a month to see several pages of detailed information.

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The Total Solution

Web sites are complex combinations of marketing strategy, targeted writing, image building, and creativity.   Unfortunately, many webmasters operate on the "what's cool" principle and neglect the business objectives.   CTA will ensure that your web presence is professional, comprehensive, and represents your business properly.

A Technology Company

The need for a web presence doesn't end at the browser.   As a technology company, CTA is equipped to size bandwidth, engage appropriate service providers, allocate servers, install firewalls, and integrate billing and product catalog applications.   CTA is uniquely positioned with cutting edge marketing and customer services built on a foundation of technical expertise.

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