If you want to work with CTA, you probably have these common traits!
  • You have varied technical experience and enjoy reading, researching, and expanding your skills.
  • You don't mind getting out of the office and having more control over your lifestyle.
  • Your friends and neighbors seek you out for a, "Quick question about my computer..."
  • You feel a sense of satisfaction when you finish a project especially because you too learned something new.
  • You like solving issues and it is even better when your client is able to help themselves in the future because of having worked with you.
  • You would rather be around enthusiastic people whose sense of vision keeps them on the lookout for that next new technical solution to benefit our clients.
  • You aren't defined solely by what you do and your egotism is limited to an admiration of family and friends!
Open Positions:

We do not currently have any immediate needs.   However, CTA is always looking for experienced people who can serve as subject matter experts on an infrequent basis or pitch in on a project after-hours.   We maintain an extensive network of IT professionals throughout the United States who are always ready for our call and anxious to hear what new project is on the horizon.

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