1-Stop Web Shop

Web Hosting:

We offer several web site hosting plans starting at $20/month.   All plans include:
  • Access to webmail - retrieve your e-mail from any common Internet browser
  • E-mail Admin Interface - easily add/change/delete your e-mail accounts
  • Comprehensive Web Site statistical usage reports
  • Knowledgeable and friendly technical support
  • Reliable, secure, and redundant service
  • A "Tier 1" co-location facility at Time Warner Telecom
  • Exceptional flexibility!
CTA Footprints Program:

"Footprints" is what CTA programmers leave behind in your source code to attract search engines.   Major search engines use complicated algorithms to calculate a web site's importance and relevance.   While nothing will replace your proactive business marketing campaigns, whether you are only on the web or you also have a retail location.   The difference CTA provides is professional programmers who support your marketing efforts by developing web pages that are search engine friendly.   We will employ every technique possible to help your web site get noticed and ranked by the search engines.

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