Services : Technology

Even successful IT departments often need experienced supplemental assistance.   CTA offers the quality of a cohesive, experienced team.   We are available for a quick sanity check on your current systems or a long-term operational support arrangement.   CTA is committed to knowledge-transfer so that we leave behind not only our work but our intellectual capital as well.
  • Programmers for off-the-shelf packages, custom software, data conversion, etc.
  • Database Analysts and Administrators
  • Network Engineers for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Operations and Desktop Support
  • Subject Matter Experts for research and recommendations
  • Technical and Creative Writers for documentation, web site content, etc.

Applied Knowledge-Transfer

CTA believes that documentation alone is an inadequate means of knowledge-transfer.   Instead, we strive for buy-in from the client's technology resources so that they own the solution and can apply it in the future.

Perceptive Solutions

Solutions need to be useful, not necessarily perfect.   During the course of routine tasks, CTA experts anticipate potential risks, analyze their impact, and identify systems or processes to mitigate them.   CTA clients are able to take calculated risks by knowing what failures are possible before they occur.

Technology Resources