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The purpose is to disseminate information about your company and make it easy for people to get in touch with you.   Site usually has 4-12 pages, one or two pictures/images per page, and a few online forms ("contact us," online application, request a catalog, etc.).   Customers get an impression of your business style and contact you.

Large Brochure-type and/or Interactive

The purpose is to educate customers about your products and services.   Site usually has 13-22 pages with a lot of information, one to three pictures per page, looped images (slideshows), mini-commercials, a demo, or some other interactive media.   Customers will learn a lot about your products and view you as an expert.

E-commerce with Gateway Processor

The purpose is to sell products or services online using a Gateway Processor.   You do not anticipate a large, constantly changing list of products.   In addition to product pages, the site usually has a few brochure-type pages about the business for credibility. Customers will find it secure, quick, and easy to buy your products.


The purpose is to sell products or services online.   You anticipate an extensive and frequently changing product database.   You might already have a credit card terminal and merchant account.   A secure site certificate is required or you can "share" CTA's certificate when you host with us. Project includes a product database, shopping cart pages, a robust product search feature, and an administrative application where you can self-manage your products.   Customers will find it easy to search for and securely purchase your products.