Misty Meadow Farm specializes in purebred mini Galloway cattle.   Why mini Galloways?   Mini Galloways have all the same positive breed and meat characteristics of the full size Galloways, such as double hair coat, lean meat, strong mothering instincts and docile nature, but produce more pounds of beef per acre because of their smaller frame and very compact body size.   Those knowledgeable in the Galloway breed know that true purebred mini Galloways are rare.   We are one of the only farms in the United States that has pure Galloway breeding stock that meets Australian mini criteria of less than 50 pound birth weight and no more than 105 centimeters at the top of the back at 11 months of age.   (Australia is the largest producing country of purebred mini Galloway cattle and has its own separate mini Galloway breed registry.)

Our mini Galloways are not just small cattle like most minis, which are a conglomeration of several breeds intermixed to develop smaller animals.   Our minis are pure Galloway and pure quality.   Mini Galloway weaned heifers are $3,000 each.   Full-grown bred heifers are $4,000 each.   Mini Galloway bulls are $3,000 each.   Semen is also available from our proven purebred whitepark marked mini Galloway bull. He currently has a 100% mini throw rate, with all offspring well within mini birth weight standards.   Semen is sold by the straw, at $50 per straw.

PLEASE NOTE:   We are a small farm operation and have only a limited number of breeding stock.
Contact Us immediately if you have an interest in purchasing breeding stock.   We can provide you with a list of animals currently on the ground but not yet at sale size.   Once this year's stock is gone, names will be added to next year's wait list with appropriate deposit.

Top Ten Reasons to Raise Mini-Galloway Cattle:
  1. Minis are ideally suited for small acreage:
    • Pounds of beef production per acre is approximately twice the production of large animals

    • One acre might support one or two minis, while large breeds require up to five acres for two animals

    • Less body frame and size to maintain means better feed efficiency; Minis maximize the production capability of small acreage

  2. Minis are easier to handle because they are small and generally more docile than larger breeds.

  3. Raising minis can be a great activity for kids as a family work and production project.

  4. Minis can be useful pets for ground maintenance, keeping your lawn and land cleared while also producing food.

  5. Minis create less manure

  6. Minis are easier on equipment and pasture

  7. Minis produce home grown food, which you know is hormone and antibiotic free and was raised in a safe and humane manner

  8. One whole mini steer will fit in your freezer

  9. Minis are fun because they are unique.   Who else do you know that has one?

  10. If you can't use all the food yourself, mini offspring can be sold as pets or for home food production to others

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