Developed in New England, the Katahdin Sheep was bred for excellent meat production and hair coat that is shed naturally every spring.   The Katahdin is spared the stress of yearly shearing and grazes the fresh spring grass in comfort.   Katahdin lamb has a smooth, mild flavor that appeals to those who don't like a strong "gamey" taste, but never disappoints the true lover of lamb.   Katahdin lamb also tends to be leaner than other breeds of lamb.

Misty Meadow Katahdin Lamb

We have discontinued our small variety pack sales.   Call or e-mail if you have questions.

Our lambs are generally ready in late fall and early winter months, so place your order early to guarantee availability. We use a USDA inspected and approved packing house to ensure the safety and quality of the meat processing.   All cuts are cryovac packed to prevent freezer burn and stay fresh longer in your freezer.

Cooking Tips:

Katahdin lamb has an exceptionally low fat content, which makes it healthier than most other types of lamb.   Because fat contributes to both tenderness and moisture in the cooking process, preparation is key to avoid drying out or toughening of Katahdin lamb.   The following tips will help ensure that your lamb remains tender, savory and nutritious from the freezer to your plate.
  • Never remove cryovac packaging in advance.   Leave lamb in packaging until completely thawed and ready to be cooked.

  • Do not cook or thaw in microwave.   Microwaves cause extensive toughening of meat.   For best results, thaw slowly in refrigerator.   If you're in a hurry, thaw lamb in a cool water bath.   Never use hot water.   Cook immediately or refrigerate.

  • Do not overcook.   Katahdin lamb retains its maximum flavor and tenderness when cooked slowly at low temperatures until "just done."   Due to its lean nature, it will dry out and toughen when cooked quickly at high temperatures.

  • Do not add salt in any form until after lamb is cooked.   Salt draws moisture and toughens meat.

  • Don't over spice.   Katahdin lamb has a delicious and unique taste.   Savor the flavor.   Try it cooked before you add your favorite spices and salt.

  • For extra tender meat, try a mild meat tenderizer like Adolph's® meat tenderizer.

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