We currently have one solid black bred heifer and one White Park with red points for sale.

We also have four open heifers available. Three are White Park with red points, and one is White Park with black points. We also have a bull that is White Park with very heavy red points and flecking, as well as a solid red bull.

Due to a highly-debated rule in the Galloway registry, solid red bulls out of a sire or dam that has the White Park color pattern cannot be registered. Solid red females out of White Park parents can be registered as usual, but solid red males cannot. Therefore the solid red bull and his offspring cannot be registered even though he is purebred and has excellent confirmation. We are offering him at a discounted price due to his registry.

If you have interest in any of the animals posted, please contact us for more information. This page is not intended to be a complete list. Rather, it is meant to provide a sampling of the color patterns and sizes of those animals currently available for sale.

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