Our mini Galloways are not just small cattle like most minis, which are a conglomeration of several breeds intermixed to develop smaller animals. Our minis are pure Galloway, developed over two decades of selective breeding. We offer weaned heifers, bred heifers, cow-calf pairs, and bulls. Pricing typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on selections and availability, with open heifers being the least expensive. Semen is also available from our proven purebred White Park marked mini Galloway bull. He currently has a 100% mini throw rate, with all offspring within mini birth weight standards. Semen is sold by the straw at $50 per straw.

Check out our current offerings page (coming soon) for some of the cattle that are available now. This is an ever-changing list, so it is usually not complete. It is meant only to provide some specific animals for your consideration. If you are interested in ages, colors, or genders not specifically on the list, please use the Contact Us page to inquire about availability.

We work one-on-one with our potential buyers to provide the best fit for each individual situation. We welcome visitors to the farm to see their options in person, but we sell to nearly all parts of the country where the climate is suitable for Galloways. If you live too far away to visit, we will provide photos and background information on each animal under consideration. Once you have made your selections, we will help walk you through each step in the process for deposits, vet checks, vaccinations, shipping papers for crossing state lines, registration, etc. Rob also offers extensive advice as needed for preparing pasture, fencing, water sources, and shelter appropriate for the Galloways. Many of our buyers are completely new to owning and caring for cattle, and they can be a little intimidated by the unknown. We do our best to make this a stress-free and fabulous experience.

The process from initial inquiry to actual delivery of the cattle often takes several months, so we have time to get to know our buyers and ensure that our Galloways will have good homes. It's not uncommon for buyers to stay in touch and provide pictures and stories for years after their purchase. We love hearing about your experiences and encourage communication long after the sale.

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