For hundreds of years, the sturdy and imposing Galloway has graced the open fields of the Scottish Highlands.   Solidly built, and well-clothed in thick curly hair, the Galloway is a natural provider of lean, healthy and savory beef.

Galloways have a double hair coat, which keeps them warm in winter.   The insulating effect of this coat allows them to eat about 20% less feed in winter than other breeds, making them easier and less expensive to maintain.   Galloway beef has a reputation going back 400 years in Scotland for being some of the best tasting beef in the world.   Galloways produce lean, juicy meat because their double coat reduces the need for back and internal fat for warmth.   Galloways are noted for their hardiness, great mothering instincts, and their ability to turn rough forage into prime meat.   They are also generally very docile and easy to handle.

Misty Meadow Galloway Beef

We have discontinued our small variety pack sales.   Call or e-mail if you have questions.

The meat option we currently offer is the purchase of a whole or half animal.   Get together with your friends and family and split the various cuts among yourselves.   Sale price is determined by carcass hanging weight at USDA packing house.   We will deliver the animal for processing, and you can choose the variety of cuts that best suits your needs.

Cooking Tips:

Galloway beef has an exceptionally low fat content, which makes it healthier than most other types of beef.   Because fat contributes to both tenderness and moisture in the cooking process, preparation is key to avoid drying out or toughening of Galloway beef.   The following tips will help ensure that your beef remains tender, savory and nutritious from the freezer to your plate.
  • Never remove Cryovac packaging in advance.   Leave meat in packaging until completely thawed and ready to be cooked.

  • Do not cook or thaw in microwave.   Microwaves cause extensive toughening of meat.   For best results, thaw slowly in refrigerator.   If you're in a hurry, thaw meat in a cool water bath.   Never use hot water.   Cook immediately or refrigerate.

  • Do not overcook.   Galloway beef retains its maximum flavor and tenderness when cooked slowly at low temperatures until "just done."   Due to its lean nature, it will dry out and toughen when cooked quickly at high temperatures.

  • Do not add salt in any form until after beef is cooked.   Salt draws moisture and toughens meat.

  • Don't over spice.   Galloway beef has a delicious and unique taste.   Savor the flavor.   Try it cooked before you add your favorite spices and salt.

  • For extra tender meat, try a mild meat tenderizer like Adolph's® meat tenderizer.

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