Misty Meadow Farm offers Galloway and Galloway-Angus cross feeder cattle.   Feeder cattle are available from 550 to 750 pounds, ready to go on grass or a grain-on-grass finishing program.   We sell feeder cattle at the rate of $1.50 per pound.   Cattle are weighed at time of shipment and weights recorded.   If you are a small farmer or landowner with a small amount of land and want to raise your own meat, we have the cattle for you!   If you can't use a whole beef, sell half or some portion to a relative or neighbor.   Here are the advantages of buying feeder cattle from Misty Meadow Farm.
  1. You can pick your own steer of heifer.

  2. Calves are already weaned and started on feed.

  3. There is little danger of any health problems because calves go directly to you with no co-mingling with other cattle in sale barns.

  4. Calves have never been implanted with hormones or given antibiotics.

  5. You will have meat from Galloway cattle that is different from commercial feedlot beef.

    • The meat is dark and rich like buffalo meat.
    • The meat is lean and juicy.
    • Galloway beef marbles well but has little excess internal or external body fat.

  6. Finish the calves on grass or grain or a combination of both, and have them processed to your specifications by your local butcher.

  7. We provide you with the well started calves, and you do the rest on your small farm or rural property.

  8. Make a family project of it and see the results of your efforts together. Stop cutting all that grass and let your cattle do the work. Turn that grass on your rural property into nutritious beef that you had the satisfaction of raising yourself.

  9. If you average all the various cuts of meat from a generic 1,000 pound steer, the value of that beef is approximately $3,000 at today's grocery store prices. YOUR beef will be healthier, safer and of higher quality than the grocery store meat you'd spend the $3,000 to buy.
Here's a hypothetical situation to help you visualize the feeder cattle project and its benefits. Your investment in that $3,000 worth of beef might look something like this...

Cost of Calf 650 pounds x $1.50 pound = $975
Shipping Depends on your location = $100
Feed 200 days (May-Nov.)
10lbs/day at .12/lb x 200 days
= $240
Misc. Costs minerals, salt, etc. = $50
Your Own Grass FREE = $0
All the fun you had raising your own safe, healthy meat.
= Priceless!
That's $1,815 fo $3,000 worth of meat!

That's a bargain even for commercial beef.   Tack on the added benefits of knowing exactly where your beef came from and that it has never been exposed to hormones or antibiotics, and you have an even greater value.   Contact Us to find out more about raising your own feeder cattle today.   We can help you get started saving money and eating better.

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