Misty Meadow Farm is undergoing transition due to health reasons.

The Katahdin hair sheep have been sold and will no longer be available. The miniature Galloway cattle remain, but the herd will be under new ownership and management. Waiting lists and contact information have been retained, and we will be contacting those on the waiting list with stock offerings and pricing soon.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.


Galloway Cattle

For hundreds of years, the sturdy and imposing Galloway has graced the open fields of the Scottish Highlands.   Solidly built, and well-clothed in thick, curly hair, the Galloway is a natural provider of lean, healthy and savory beef.

Top ten reasons to raise miniature cattle:
  1. Minis are ideally suited for small acreage: Pounds of beef production per acre is approximately twice the production of large animals.

  2. Minis are easier to handle because they are small and generally more docile than larger breeds.

  3. Raising minis can be a great activity for kids as a family work and production project.

  4. Minis can be useful pets for ground maintenance, keeping your lawn and land cleared while also producing food.

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Rare purebred heritage breeds
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