Misty Meadow Farm is dedicated to the preservation of such species by raising rare breeds of livestock, marketing the quality meats they provide.

Misty Meadow Farm is committed to producing quality meat products that are grass fed and both antibiotic and hormone free.   Animals raised in a natural environment and allowed to grow at their own pace enjoy life as nature intended, while producing meat that is healthier and leaner than that of today's typical mass-production process.

Katahdin Sheep

Developed in New England, the Katahdin Sheep was bred for excellent meat production and a thick hair coat that is shed naturally every spring.   The Katahdin is spared the stress of yearly shearing and grazes the fresh spring grass in comfort.   Katahdin lamb has a smooth, mild flavor that appeals to those who don't like a strong "gamey" taste, and never disappoints the true lover of lamb.

Galloway Cattle

For hundreds of years, the sturdy and imposing Galloway has graced the open fields of the Scottish Highlands.   Solidly built, and well-clothed in thick, curly hair, the Galloway is a natural provider of lean, healthy and savory beef.

Top ten reasons to raise miniature cattle:
  1. Minis are ideally suited for small acreage: Pounds of beef production per acre is approximately twice the production of large animals.

  2. Minis are easier to handle because they are small and generally more docile than larger breeds.

  3. Raising minis can be a great activity for kids as a family work and production project.

  4. Minis can be useful pets for ground maintenance, keeping your lawn and land cleared while also producing food.

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